When you are attending a retirement party, you may find yourself in the position of giving toasts.  This is a time when you will either be prepared or unprepared.  It will be up to you to determine which you will be.  If you have any idea that you may be giving a speech, take the time to research or jot down some things you would like to say about the retiree.  Being unprepared in from of a room full of co-workers or family and friends is something everyone should try and reframe from doing. 



Here are some etiquette tips to help you not make a fool out of yourself when giving toasts:


Rule #1 - Never give a toast when you are drunk

Rule #2 - Keep things short and sweet - no one likes to listen to someone go on and on

Rule #3 - Remember that this is a happy time for the retiree so donít say things that are going to hurt the celebratorís feelings

Rule #4 - Donít relieve any future plans or past mistakes that the retiree told you in confidence

Rule #5 - Make sure you look presentable before going up in front of a room full of your peers

Rule #6 - Always practice your speech a few times before the party, its always good to have someone listen to it and critique your words

Rule #7 - Be confident

Rule #8 - Be Friendly - Even if you are nervous - Remember to SMILE!!

Rule #9 - Always wish the retiree good luck in their future endeavours

Rule #10 - Keep in mind that this is their day and they should be the center of attention in a good way


Wanting to write your own toast and donít know where to start?  Here are some helpful hints to help you to express yourself and being writing your toast:

  • Start off by introducing yourself, even if you think everyone there knows who you are.

  • Mention how much you enjoyed working with this specific person and how much you are going to miss them.

  • Comment on something great that they always brought to the table.

  • You can always insert a joke if you are a comedian but make sure it is not disrespectful. 

  • A quote or a poem that reminds you of this person or their future endeavours could always be read on their behalf.

  • Always end on a cheerful note, wishing them well and expressing your hopes for their happiness in this life changing role. 

  • If you have a glass of wine or even something non-alcoholic, a cheer to their happiness is a great way to end the toast!


Making a tasteful retirement toasts never has to be difficult.  It just happens that more times than not that anxiety sits in and people either come unprepared or get nervous when they find themselves up in front of a room full of people.  If you prepare yourself and follow the above steps, you will find that giving toasts can be fun and a great way to send out retirement wishes.



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