Retirement Wishes


Congratulations Words


At a retirement party, congratulations words will be going around like hotcakes.  You will want to send your congrats along with everyone else.  But you probably want to have something different to say than everyone else at the party.  Below are some examples of words of congratulations that you are free to use.


Congratulations!  You will be missed.


Enjoy the start of your new life as a retiree


A new road is ahead of you to a new future.  Enjoy and remember you will be missed.


Its finally your turn to see what retirement is all about.  Enjoy every moment.


You are finally going to have the time to do all those things you never got to do when you were working.


Take this retirement as a new start to see things through.


Happy Retirement.  Donít forget to keep in touch.  It just wonít be the same without you.


Good luck in your new endeavours!  May those endeavours require lots of breaks!!


Wishing you lots of happiness in whatever you decide to spend your time doing.


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