Finding the right cards can sometimes be difficult. Sometimes if you just canít find what you are looking for, you are better to take something and turn it into what you are looking for.



For example, if you have read every card in the store and the verses are just not what you would like your card to say, why not buy a blank card and write your own verse or make your own card all together. Or, if you are not one for writing, find a saying, quote or poem that will speak for you.

Here are some suggestions for verses or phrases for your card: (when you see // that means open the card. So what you see before // would be great on the front of a card if you decide to completely make your own)

Oh to be young again, how we all wish we could turn back time. // But I suppose if that isnít possible the next best thing would be retirement! Enjoy retirement for everything it can be!

Alright, you grew up, suffered through the teenage years, raised a family, worked day in and day out until you were 65 and now are ready for some R&R. // Well, you can sleep when you are dead, its time to retire and as much as we hope you will relax, retirement is going to be the time of your life. Enjoy every moment of your retirement!

How is it that everything else in our lives seem to fly by, but it felt like eternity for retirement to get here? // However long it took, we are just so happy to see your time is here. Do what you want, donít look at any alarm clocks and get out and enjoy your life!

What is retirement? // Well make it whatever you want it to be. As this is the time to forget about schedules and bosses, and do what your heart desires! Have a great retirement!

What can I say to a man/woman who worked so hard to make sure their family is safe and secure? // The family is old enough to take care of themselves now, its time to gear all that effort towards you! Enjoy your retirement!

Retirement will be the time of your life! // So make each moment count and live it like youíve always wanted. Congrats!

If you are fine with the messages in the cards you are looking for but in this case the pictures or decorations on the cards just arenít right, my suggestion to you is to use the message you liked and create your own card to decorate yourself.

There is no reason we have to settle for anything in life, so why do we settle for cards that will be extending some very special wishes that we really donít like. Besides, wishing someone well in their retirement is a very special thing and extending it in the manner you are happy with makes it that much more special.


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