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When someone retires retirement wishes are bound to flow in.  This is an exciting time for the retiree as this is the time we all have been waiting for.  This person will finally become free of early mornings, schedules, routines and a busy lifestyle.  They now get to sit back and relax and do the things they never got a chance to do.  



Cards - Looking for the perfect card?  Find out how to get it.


Gifts - Finding the perfect gift to give someone as they retire can be difficult.  Let us give you some ideas of what to get.


Books - Wondering if a book might be helpful while planning or during your retirement?


Simple Retirement Calculator - Are you looking for answers on how much you will need to retire?  Hopefully we can help.


How To Retire Early - This is a question that all of us are asking!  Find out some helpful hints on retiring early.


How Much Do I Need To Retire - Are you looking for the answer to this question?  Get helpful hints to finding out this answer.


What To Do When You Retire - Find some helpful ideas of what someone can do once retired.



There are many different ways to share you're wishes with the soon to be retiree.  Click any the following and find the best way to send your congratulations:


Congratulations Words

It is sometimes difficult to find the right words of congratulations.  Let us help.  We have many different types of congratulating someone.  Phrases are a very nice way to send your happy retirement.  But there are also kind words of sentiments that make very nice greetings.



Find the perfect saying for a retirement card or letter using congratulation sayings and maybe even sayings on change as this will be a time of change for the retiree.



Looking for quotes about retirement?  Whether they're funny or not, you're at the right place.  You'll find quotes about starting over for those who feel as if this is a new start for them.  You'll find quotes on achieving goals as this is the time for many when they have the time to achieve their goals and you'll also find quotes on getting older and aging.  



Finding the perfect retirement poems can be hard, but we are here to make it much easier.  You'll find general poems on retiring and even funny poems.  Both will be a great way to send your wishes.



Giving a toast can be hard but writing one can be even more difficult.  Find tips here.  Also if you're planning a retirement dinner, we have tips and helpful ideas for you here too.



Looking for a joke for your retirement speech or toast?  Find yourself the retirement humor you've been looking for.



Maybe you're a retiree yourself or think that having some advice from other retiree's would be a nice touch to a card or speech.  Well, you're in luck, we have advice by other retired people for your convenience.



Looking for the perfect songs to play at the party?  Check out our selection here.



Take the time to share your happiness with the retiree.  If you work with them tell them you will miss them but remind them that you will always be here if they ever want to come back for a visit.  Remind them that this lives are changing for the best and this is going to be the best time of their lives, if they let it.  And if their excited, let them know how excited you are for them!  One day you will also be retiring and having people around you that are thrilled for you will make all the difference!


"Retire with ease, and live out these special days doing exactly what you've always dreamed of."

Julie Hebert


As much as we all wish for this moment, when it finally arrives, we have been in such a routine that it may seem scary not to know what is going to happen tomorrow.  Don’t get me wrong, the retiree is excited, but that “unknown” can be intimidating.  Just keep this in mind when sending your wishes. Send positive messages about starting a new chapter in their lives.  We want to encourage them that this is a great time in their lives!  We hope this site will give you exactly what you are looking for.


"Retirement, A wonderful reward for a good life lead."

Julie Hebert





That's when you return from work one day and say,

"Hi, Honey, I'm home - forever."" 

Gene Perret



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